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Defensive Action, maybe a bit more offense?

2011-03-25 10:01:34 by IhabN

New game in production called Defensive Action, TD style combat, reinforcments, characters XP and upgrade system, Powerfull enemies and Endless rampage

Seeking out to gamers for any suggestions regarding in-game features before game completion, game is 60% complete but can still hold modifications and improvements

The game includes:
-A master unit under the players direct control
-Several reinforcement troppers, tanks, artilliery batteries and aricrafts
-Resource usage, as all reinforcements require resources such as ammunition
-Only 10 waves but each with increasing diffculty, new creatures at each and a numbers jump
-Real time unit upgrades and reinforcement
-Various enemy types and styles of combat

If you have any suggestions please leave a comment, OR DIE!!!! (or not)

With regards, IhabN

Defensive Action, maybe a bit more offense?


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2011-03-25 10:46:12

Well this post is so deseased in need to comment on my onw post, oh well!
No then, what to say: "Hey get a life you overworking nerd"
Evil, cruel and mean, perfect!